adj. & n.
1 outside; external (pierced the outer layer).
2 farther from the centre or inside; relatively far out.
3 objective or physical, not subjective or psychical.
1 a the division of a target furthest from the bull's-eye. b a shot that strikes this.
2 an outer garment or part of one.
3 Austral. sl. the part of a racecourse outside the enclosure.
4 an outer container for transport or display.
Phrases and idioms:
the outer bar see BAR(1). outer garments clothes worn over other clothes or outdoors. Outer House Sc. Law the hall where judges of the Court of Session sit singly. outer man (or woman) personal appearance; dress. outer planet a planet with an orbit outside the earth's. outer space the universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. the outer world people outside one's own circle.
Etymology: ME f. OUT, replacing UTTER(1)

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